Are you a speaker who...?

Isn’t really sure HOW TO GET STARTED as a speaker?

Has ever FORGOTTEN to give your offer on stage?

Is PASSIONATE about the impact you can make?

And really wants to utilized speaking as a way to ATTRACT your IDEAL CLIENTS?

Then you are in the right place!

“You have an important message and people need to hear it!”

Get Speaking Gigs Now

It is my pleasure to be your trusted mentor as you navigate the decisions to get your message heard & increase your sales through speaking. You have an important message and people need to hear it!

Already certain that you need to Get Speaking Gigs Now and want to learn how to get started?

“Leisa, YES! You are a magnet for powerful impactful women. It says a lot about you.

The information you gave, Leisa Reid, was so valuable! I always learn so much from you. And it was wonderful to meet all the amazing powerful women who came to your workshop!”

~Dali Litinski

“I gained a clear understanding of the “nuts and bolts” of getting speaking gigs now. Leisa provided a fun and effective means to finding speaking opportunities with the people in the room.”

~Sharon Jakubecy Klehm

“Lots of great tips on getting gigs and how others can be referral sources – especially those in the workshop!

I feel more confident about what I need to do to be prepared to be a speaker and have to monetize my speaking!”

~Sheri Berke

“I got more clarity and motivation about my speaking tools, right audience, and packages to offer. It re-ignited my desire to continue trusting myself as a speaker.”

~Ana Nieto

“Eye-opening to not “do it””alone. The people Leisa brings together are amazing.

Leisa is very supportive and knows her stuff. She provides an awesome experience for speakers to get the support they need to succeed and bring their gifts and make bank.”

~Ann Bennett

“The biggest value I got is the monetization strategy exercise. It showed me the true potential and opened new ideas and opportunities. Very excited! I have a renewed focus and energy on taking the next steps to get my speaking gigs going! Thanks, Leisa!”

~Sam Nelson

“Great combination of good information, professional tips, resource sharing and networking! Well done! Fantastic format! It helped me get focused and make a plan for moving forward.”

~Tamara Golden

“Leisa Reid is a MASTER at booking speaking engagements. She has the right processes in place and understands what it takes to keep to be continually booked. I’m grateful to benefit from her expertise!”

~Wanda Allen.

“I have build many businesses from seed to profit for more than 30 years, and understand fully the true power of mentorship, teamwork and collaboration.

One of the secrets to my success has been not being afraid or too proud to seek the right influence and business advice from people that can support my dreams, business or personal growth.

Recently, I had an appointment to discuss a business project with Leisa Reid, she was prompt, prepared and I found our conversation to be energetic, inspiring and laser focused- which led to a precise strategy to move forward with greater ease.”

~Terese A. Santos, F.S.S.
Beauty for the Soul Mentorship, Founder

“Thank you for working with me to develop material and ideas that I will be using in my first paid speaking seminar.

The OC Speakers Network has been the most effective source of training and inspiration for me as a speaker and as a writer.

You are a gift to all of us who are changing the world.”

~Mike Ostgaard

“Working with Leisa has really opened doors for me! While I have always loved to speak in front of a crowd, the extra polish, knowledge, and connections I have cultivated since connecting with Leisa have taken me to a new level.

Collaborating with her is easy, fun, and practical. Learning tricks of the trade from someone who has been doing it – successfully – is priceless!”

~Laura Aiello

A Speaker Coach with Secrets & Strategies to Help You

After booking and delivering 400 speaking engagements, the most popular question speakers ask Leisa Reid is,  “How do I get more speaking gigs?” The underlying question is “How do I get more clients as a speaker?” As the Founder of Get Speaking Gigs Now, Leisa mentors business professionals and entrepreneurs who want to make an impact and ultimately attract their ideal clients through speaking.

How can we help you increase your IMPACT as a Speaker?