The Get Speaking Gigs Now 


This Program is designed to help you:

Learn the 7 STEP METHOD TO Getting Booked, Staying Booked and Attracting Your Ideal Clients through Speaking

  1. GET YOUR TALK READY TO ROCK: Expert guidance of how to craft your talk, re-purpose it, monetize it with attractive copy for your title, description and learning points.
  2. CREATE YOUR IDEAL SPEAKING GIG PIPELINE: Learn how to easily find your ideal audiences so you can attract the right clients.
  3. MONETIZE YOUR SPEAKING: You MUST have multiple ways to MONETIZE & LEVERAGE your talk! This is critical to your speaking strategy.
  4. SYSTEMS TO GETTING ASKED BACK AGAIN & AGAIN: Includes insider necessities for “day of,” valuable checklists and more!
  5. SPEAKER SHEET DEVELOPMENT: Guidance on everything that goes into a high quality speaker sheet!
  6. KEEPING YOUR SPEAKING GIG PIPELINE FULL: Learn how to turn 1 gig into many & keep the flow going in a way that maximizes your time and efforts!
  7. SCRIPTS TO GET BOOKED & STAY BOOKED: Learn the “one-call close” method so that you can fill your calendar with speaking engagements.

Program Includes:

  • The Get Your Talk Ready to Rock Template & Workbook
  • The How to Find Speaking Gigs Guideline
  • The Ideal Audience Blueprint Creator
  • The Speaking Gig Prospect List Template
  • The Monetize Your Speaking Handout & Workbook
  • The Ultimate Speaker Checklist for Booking a Gig
  • The Ultimate Speaker “DAY OF” Checklist
  • The Ultimate Speaker TECH Checklist 
  • The How to Get Testimonials for Your Speaker Sheet Guide
  • Your Speaker Bio in 3 Easy Steps
  • The Speaker Referral Introduction
  • The Speaker Soulmate System
  • The Warm Market Email Template
  • Follow-Up Email Templates
  • The One-Call Close Phone Script
  • And much, much more!
  • LIVE Weekly Zoom calls with Leisa personally for 7 weeks
  • Private FB Group: Questions / Support 

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